Exploring Wrocław

Main square in Wrocław, Poland
  • Wrocław

    Wrocław has come a long way from the devastation suffered during World War II and emerged as one of Poland’s most popular tourist cities. As you walk the city streets, you’ll understand why it holds the coveted title of the European Capital of Culture for 2016, and will serve as host city for the World Games in 2017.

    Be sure to watch out for the gnomes! The whimsical statues pop up in all kinds of unexpected places around the city, presenting photo opportunities galore. The tiny creatures played an important role in historic Polish folklore and as a lighthearted form of peaceful government protest during the turbulent 1980s.

    A walking tour of the popular Old Town is a great way to take in its cobblestone streets, local canals and historic bridges. This “Heart of Wrocław” has its own market square that features the European Peace Cross as a centerpiece, and a monument to Alexander Fredr — one of Poland’s most distinguished literary figures.

    For a modern take on social issues, visit the Galeria Awanbgarda. The thought-provoking art gallery is a reincarnation of the old Hatzfeld Palace, destroyed during World War II. You can also enjoy a show at the Centennial Hall, one of Poland’s celebrated monuments. Designed in the early 1900s, it is home to art exhibitions, concerts and sporting events. The Wrocław Zoo and breathtaking Japanese Garden also top the list of best places to visit during your stay.

    If your schedule allows, consider a day trip to Ostrów Tumski for a tour of the Cathedral of John the Baptist and Książ Castle, a majestic palace that rests high above the Pelcznica River.

    Finally, the spectacular Wrocław Fountain uses a fusion of water, colors and lights to project animated images set to music. It’s a sight you’ll remember long after your Wrocław journey ends.